Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insomnia sucks

If you know me, you know I LOOOOOVVEEEE my sleep. Love it! I loved being able to sleep 10+ hours if I had the chance. It seemed easier to do when I was a day-shifter and not a night-shifter, but, either way, I could really get my sleep on if I had the time.

However, not lately. I don't know if it is pregnancy, vacation throwing me off my schedule, excitement about my brother's upcoming graduation, stress/excitement about the buying of our house and, now, the process of moving in and getting everything set up, or the fact that my doctors' appointments that I'm looking forward to are now 1 week and 2 weeks away. (So close!) Either way, I never hardly sleep past 3pm, and rarely get more than 2 to 4 hours sleep at a time. It really sucks. 

I've even tried benedryl to make me sleep (baby safe, I've checked). That stuff used to knock me out for a billion hours back in the day. Now? Nothing. I've taken two today and only slept four hours. And I still have to go to work! Ugh! At least I found a new Facebook game that really holds my attention for a long time to help me out during the slower times at night. Last night I worked on only about 2.5 hours of sleep and only once almost nodded off...and that was before I found the Facebook game, lol. (oh, and definitely not when I had any patient care to be concerned with!)

But, all in all, I blame this on the baby. Never in my life have I ever had sleeping problems, until now. It seems I can go to sleep just fine in the beginning, but I can't stay asleep for long. Once I wake up, I'm up. I'm hoping after my brother's graduation weekend, and after we get officially moved all the way in, things will settle down. Time will only tell, but I have to be more diligent about my sleep schedule. No more marathon naps! It's ruining bed time!

On another note, I'm 16 weeks this week. I think all the books call this week within the 4th month of pregnancy. Of the two books I have, they disagree on month 5. One says it starts at week 17 and the other says like week 18. How they could be so different, I have no idea...but whatever. I'm four months it seems regardless of the source, so that's cool. Almost half way through...but I know the more difficult times are coming in the third trimester...but so are the more fun times (feeling baby kick and all). Week 16 is an Avocado, the baby is like 4.5 inches long and about 3oz in weight, his or her eyes can actually now sense light, and is able to move around better thanks to innervation and muscles making enough connections to do it, though I haven't felt the kiddo move yet. The books say it's a bit early still.

I sneeze more, even though I've never experienced seasonal allergies in my life. I've officially ordered maternity jeans because mine just aren't comfortable sitting down anymore without at least un-buttoning them, if not unzipping a tad, lol. Otherwise, I think I just look pudgy. Oh, and I still pee all the freaking time. I still haven't found the heartbeat with my stethoscope or the Doppler machines at work. I've actually given up on the ones at work, don't remember if I mentioned that or not. Other than that, I'm great! Just sleepless...

Here is a picture of me in regular length Old Navy maternity jeans and maternity shirt. (I bought the shirt, but went online to get long jeans.) I think they look good!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

15 weeks now...

And nothing really new to report. I still don't think I have a "bump," yet. What I have is really just some fat. But I'm ok with that. I'm a big girl (as in tall with not a slight frame)...I have some room to spare.

However, now that the house is actually BOUGHT, we can starting thinking a little of the nursery. Most of the consideration will happen after we find out what we're having, but dumb things, like which room will the nursery be in, we can decide on now.

Since the new home is 4 bedrooms, we sorta have 3 to choose from. Our real estate agent just LOVED what was used as the study to be a nursery, but I personally think it is a terrible idea. I don't remember if Brandon weighed in on that idea or not, but here are my reasons. It is right next to the front door. The other two bedrooms are more on the side of the house, so there would be a lot less potential noise and traffic. Also, as it does have a super cute little chandelier and really pretty yellow painting already, it has French doors. If we wanted to close the door and keep the noise or lights out of the room, it would only be the French doors, which I just don't see as being as effective as a real door. I love the French doors, but not for a bedroom/nursery. And, besides, whichever room we pick for the nursery will be the kid's room as he or she grows up. I don't intend to have one room be a nursery and another room be the kid's room. That is too much work and moving crap around.

That leaves two rooms that are practically identical and side-by-side. I know which room I'd pick, and I think Brandon said he never really thought about it. It really makes little different. I would say which room I'd pick, but, literaly, it would be saying I pick left over the right. That gives no information, but is practically is all there is to the "big" decision to make. But, there we have it. After we pick, we can decide if we want to leave the colors as is, or paint some in the room. I think that will depend on what we're having some, but I don't want to go crazy with paint. I just can't imagine having a girl, painting a room bubble-gum pink, and leaving it that way for years. I suppose as the kid is little, no one will really care what color there is, but the thought of painting over colors like that just makes me cringe, too. I think any painting done should be simple and maybe just an accent wall or border or something, and leave the rest some neutral, generic color that could be easy to change decor over time and not clash.

But here are pictures of a convertible crib that would help keep the kid's nursery his or her room forever.

This isn't exactly what I'll get, but I do like this one a lot! See the top left picture is a perfect little crib, then can convert two different ways for a toddler/day bed. Then can convert one more time to a full size bed with headboard and foot board. Talk about all in one! It also has matching furniture, the chest of drawers and changing table. The changing table can have a hutch with it, but I'm not personally a huge fan of hutches. Also, not all changing tables have the little tower, which I'm not that fond of, but can make use of it for years. I think a nice toy storage area or something for the future. But, if I can find a set that looks more like a set of drawers than a changing tower, I'll likely hit that up instead of one exactly like this. But I love the options!

I was going to find pictures of cute nurseries that aren't over-done and show you things I kinda like, but I think this post is long enough right now. Have to same up something for the next uneventful update post, right?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


A little back story. When I was planning our wedding, I participated in the local boards on I found it very helpful and found some cool people through it as well. I haven't participated in much because I haven't exactly had my own "nest," yet. I know you don't have to have a house, apartment, condo, whatever to participate, but there just wasn't a niche for me. I thought I'd like the Pets board, but I only check these sites about once or twice a day, the board was just too active for me to keep up with, and many of the ladies on the Pets board just took some things too extreme for me. They'd probably flame me for not going to the emergency vet every time one of my dogs had one of their freak lacerations. But, they've all healed just fine, thank you.

Anyways, I'm on now. The boards I enjoy the most would be my birth month board and Baby Names. Baby Names is a harsh board at times. Many girls are diplomatic about names they don't like (and, believe me, the poster is asking opinions, thus they're receiving them.) But some girls are very gung-ho, lets say, about why you should not name your child *insert name*. The typical reasons are things like, imagine a CEO of a company being named that, or how everyone will mispronounce it because of it's eu-neek spelling, or, for example, names like Judas will always carry bad connotations (even though, obviously, the child was not the person who sold out Jesus Christ back in the day). Apparently, there are names like Justyce Libertee for girls and a new name Nevaeh (meant to be Heaven, backwards, with a trans-location of vowels to make it more natural to say). Let's just say...not MY style, thanks.

But the point, you can have a ticker on TheBump associated with every time you post, and I picked the one that shows about what size your baby is compared to common fruit. It was fun...until NOW! Oh, and I assume they got the ticker idea from the popular book What to Expect When You're Expecting, because, in most of it's week by week descriptions of what is going on, it often compares the sizes to common fruit.

Weeks 3&4: Poppyseed (ok, not fruit, but seeds)

Week 5: Appleseed

Week 6: Sweet Pea

Week 7: Blueberry

Week 8: Raspberry

Week 9: Green Olive

Week 10: Prune

Week 11: Lime

Week 12: Plum

Week 13: Peach

Week 14: Lemon *me right now

Week 15: Naval Orange

The rest are: 16, Avocado; 17, Onion; 18, Sweet Potato; 19, Mango; 20, Cantaloupe; 21, Banana; 22-24, Papaya; 25-28, Eggplant; 29-32, Squash; 33-36, Honeydew; 37-delivery, Watermelon.

Why is my new fruit not exciting? Because I think lemons and limes are the same danged size just about! Lime was week 11, and, at 14, I'm a lemon? LAME! Also, on common fruit sizes, how exactly different is a peach from an orange from an onion (week 17)? Toss lemons and limes in there as well and it's like all the same size for weeks.

Now, the books do say that this week growth will vary a lot, which I'm assuming is why the similar sizes in fruit, but it was kind of fun seeing the fruit getting bigger, slowly, every week. Now it's more like...ugh. 

I just can't wait until I can confirm this isn't fat on my belly but a baby. Because right now it looks like fat. It doesn't necessarily 100% feel like fat...but ya, I feel fat. 

Maybe I should eat some more of the stupid fruit that is annoying me. 

I'm obsessed...

With my stethoscope. According to one of the books I have, I won't be able to hear my baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope until about 18 weeks (I'm 14 and some right now). Brandon told me I'm obsessed...and I think I'm ok with that!

What did not help with the obsession is my mom who remembers hearing my heartbeat before I was born with her own stethoscope. She also said, when she had time, she'd go and grab a doppler machine at work and listen to my heartbeat that way before she could find it with her stethoscope. (yes, I've dopplered myself at work, so has the monitor tech and the patient care tech, lol. Love you ladies, by the way) Mom swears she could do it this early, but, gosh, that was like, 30 years ago? 

All I hear right now is my stomach, and, wow, my stomach can make some crazy sounds! Of course I knew this already, because my stomach has bordered on hyperactive in sounds my entire life. Now, it's just nutty.

I also can find my heartbeat. I've convinced myself it's the blood flow through the placenta, but it is probably just one of the many large vessels that supply all my organs. 

Oh, and when we got home from vacation, mom said to me, "I bet I could find your baby's heartbeat with my stethoscope." She didn't know I try almost daily. So I challenged her to find it, and all she found was my heartbeat and tons of tummy noises. She laughed at me actually and declared them hyperactive, as well.

Oh well. Eventually I'll get to hear it without being at the doc office and can share it with Brandon and mom and whoever else wants to hear (my stethoscope stays in my purse since that's how I transport it to and from work). 

We still have a couple weeks until any big appointments. So, most likely just boring stuff until then! I'm ok with that!