Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why, hello, Braxton Hicks...

Not the name of the baby, by the way.

Early in the 2nd trimester, I started feeling weird pressure in my lower abdomen that, when I put my hand there, it felt sorta hard. It freaked me out at first, but then, for some unknown reason, I just assumed it was my little dude stretching out or something.  Fast forward to the past couple weeks, I was so wrong. That was the beginning of these lovely things called Braxton Hicks contractions that everyone who has seen the episode of Friends when Rachel was pregnant and getting them has heard of (if not from other avenues). I was worried that I would feel like her and freak out about it, but they totally don't's just a weird feeling.

A clip of what I'm talking about if you never saw the show (what's wrong with you?) or just don't have it memorized like I do. It's a crappy clip, but it'll do.

Anyhow, they have gotten quite frequent. Up to 3-4 times an hour sometimes. However, what I KNOW is that they're not labor contractions. They are irregular, they don't get stronger but get weaker, altering myself (how I'm sitting, walking, whatever) can help it go away, they don't actually hurt or make me feel any pressure or pain anywhere else (like lower back or thighs). Honestly, if I'm walking and one starts, I mostly don't feel it but notice I just have to pee, then realize it's my silly contractions going again. I did ask my doctor about it since they were, I thought, quite frequent (well, I had to see another doc in the practice the other day, but he was awesome) and he said nothing to worry about at all. That it's all part of my uterus moving out of my pelvic cavity, too. Whatever, he's not worried, little dude still kicks like a nutjob, so I'm not worried.

WE GOT OUR CRIB! I was so excited about this! It feels like I'm not a slacker (some girls are like painting and decorating and buying all kinds of crap already) and I have something to look at and dream of putting down and picking up my baby from. We also got our dresser in that matches. So, once we got the crib assembled and everything in the house, I moved things around a tad to where I think they'll be permanent locations. Yes, of course I have pictures!

This is the dresser and I think I like where the glider is right now. We still haven't really decorated, but I wanted to wait to have the crib and dresser before we got around to it, so I know heights and placement of things. I have a valence for the window, but I think I'll want to add a longer curtain to go with it. I need a rod now.

This is our crib! We had already ordered and received the baby bedding we wanted so I threw it on the mattress. The quilt that I have thrown over the crib will actually be tacked to the wall as decoration until the little minion gets bigger and has a reduced chance of suffocating, but I put it there for decor for now. We only have one set of the sheets that came with the set, but I'm ok with that. They're super cute, but change is good so I registered for some plain sheets that should match.

Close up on the quilt.

Close up on the sheets. I haven't washed anything yet, lol. That is another reason why I felt ok putting it on the crib so early. Since I still need to take it off to clean, I'm not worried about dust build up in the meantime.

This is the crib bumper. I'm not putting it in our crib because bumpers have a positive correlation to increased SIDs risk, but I thought maybe it would be ok on the floor like that, as sort of a wall liner in a play corner. I don't know, what do you think? I'd have to staple it to the wall or something.

Up close of the bumper.

Some of the diapers I've received in their drawer!

Some receiving blankets and changing pads in their spot.

I took 2 more pictures of crap in drawers, but they loaded sideways, and who really cares to see crap in drawers anyways? 

This is a diaper stacker that came with the set. I'm supposed to load diapers in it to hold and pull out when needed...  I'm thinking a toy holder instead because who wants to keep loading and unloading diapers? I don't know, we'll see.

So, I know I haven't mentioned it on this blog, but my real estate lady who helped us find our house is just amazing. She was recommended by people at church and we loved her. She sent this to us! It's a Scentsy lamb that smells of baby powder! He's super cute, smells nice, and there is an extra powder pack in the box for when the one in him loses its scent. She is so wonderful and thoughtful!

I'm 26 weeks right now...just one more week until I'm 3rd trimester! I'm an eggplant in fruits (can't remember if I mentioned that already). I'm also entertaining the idea of our little guy coming early, like 2 weeks early, and being born BEFORE my birthday (I'm sure I'll still be tired if he does and, obviously, can't get sloshed, but at least I could have a 30th birthday celebratory drink if he did!), but whenever he wants to show up is ok with me, especially if it's a little early (hear that little buddy, your mommy loves you, and loves you more if you don't make her wait too long!).

RhoGam vaccination (since my blood type is O neg) and one more ultrasound! I know we'll have to start going to the doc more often than every 4 weeks soon, and I think this is my last 4 week break between doc visits. It's nice and not nice. It's just extra time I could be home doing nothing or sleeping, but I get to check in on how my little guy is coming along, too. (I know, I'm a whiner.)

We're now signed up for 2 classes given by the hospital. One class is about all things labor, and we get a tour of the facility, too. The other is about breastfeeding. 

Things I probably should start doing:  reading a book about your dogs and your new baby (I read about a recommended one...but I'm stupid and forgot to write down it's name!), read books about the actual BABY and breastfeeding, and get my FMLA papers together. 

Now, I'm going to find something to eat...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Poll & Pictures of Baby Stuff!

So, now I'm 24 weeks along. I think that's 6 months or so, but, either way, it is 3 weeks away from 3rd trimester and about 16 weeks away from the full 40 week gestation period. More than half-way through. I still feel great. My sleep has gotten better (it was TERRIBLE for a while, from no sleep and exhausted to wanting to sleep all the time again) and I am definitely looking pregnant and not just fatter now.

My poll... and weigh in if you wish, but you don't have to. I'm trying to be unbiased in my pick for choosing a photographer for infant pictures. I am pretty sure I am NOT doing maternity photos. I just cannot imagine hanging pregnant pictures of me with Brandon on our walls to show off...or printing them in a book or anything. I really don't want to look at them and I doubt anyone else does...especially after our little guy comes along. Anyhow, I want awesome pictures of our little guy, of course. I started with the wonderful person who did our wedding (Lynn Michelle), but she was honest and said that kiddos were NOT her strong point, and gave me 3 recommendations. One of her recommendations was on my list of photographers for our wedding (not telling you who, though), so I want to make sure I don't just pick the photographer based on who I liked for engagement and wedding pictures!

All three of these choices are really great, I think. Just, which ones do you like better?
I just have to mention one thing, this little guy is a mover! Some days he's throttling me, and other days it's more subtle. However, when we went to church Sunday, we bowed our heads for the pastor's prayer. I felt him moving, so I had my eyes open just looking at my stomach and, holy crap, I could see my dress moving with his kicks! I elbowed Brandon at that time, of course, and pointed to the area he'd been kicking and, sure enough, he did it again for Brandon! Brandon smiled and rolled his eyes and whispered to me, "He's not even born yet and already restless in church!" We're in for a handful, I think!

Anyhow, moving on, I promised pictures. Here are the pictures of the glider we got for a deal! (40% off the floor model!) I think it looks in great shape for a floor model and it is so comfy!

When we get the crib, I'll take pictures of the bedding. We already have it, but I don't feel like pulling it out of it's pack just to lay it on the ground.  We also have some wall decor, but I think I'll save that for after we get the nursery sort of decorated.

I have a glucose tolerance test next week, ugh. All I do is not eat (especially anything sweet) before I go to the appointment, drink a super sugary drink, and then have my blood tested. If I pass the sugar trial, yay! If I don't, I will have to do a more in depth trial that takes like 3 hours! I don't think so! I swear I better pass because this little test disinterests me greatly already. And I believe the next big deal is a 28 week four more weeks or so for that, then that'll be the last time we see our little minion until he decides to show up! 

And here are pictures of some other things we've received from my Mommy! She bought our little guy some onesies, gowns, socks, bibs, and hats as well as some of the diapers we want to use, nursing covers, and changing pads! They're so, soo soft and cute! I have tried to put the diaper on Ribby the beagle, however, the diapers are rated up to 35 pounds and Ribby weighs more than that, so, needless to say it wouldn't work. Too bad, would've been cute pictures! 

Sorry there are a lot of pictures, but laying the outfits out would have been a pain and it was just easier to quit shoot like that.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I forgot I had the auto focus off on my lens.

Cute little hats!

Mom so far has sent us 6 diapers! They're adjustable sizes. I have two pale yellow, two orange, and two green! His little butt will be so cute!



With a little basketball accessory (I have no idea what, if anything, he'll do with it...but it's still cute!)

Guitar accessory

Pea accessory

Teddy bear accessory

Lion accessory (on the shoulder because I didn't want to block the rest of the onesie)

Don't forget to weigh in on the photographers! (if you want, that is! I would really appreciate your feedback!