Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm 37 Weeks and some!

Ya, ya. My blogging has sucked. I refer back to my main blog and the fact that grad school has sorta been keeping me busy...along with ALL the other crapola that comes with having a life and being pregnant. (not saying that other pregnant ladies who manage to blog frequently don't have lives, but, well, I'm just too tired to give a crap).

I had my baby shower and it was AMAZING! I'll make another post about it, actually. I haven't even put the CD of all the pictures my Daddy took in my computer yet because I've been busy! I'm lame, but I can't wait to share how wonderfully loved we feel and this little boy already is!

So, nothing really is going on since the last post. We have a ton of baby clothes and no hangars. Way to plan, me. But work is still going to throw me a baby shower, so I'm hoping hangars come in from them! I SO need them! lol. But almost everything we have is washed, all the cloth diapers are prepared and ready for a baby butt, and Daddy is coming over tomorrow to install the fan in the baby's room (the only room in the house that should have a fan and doesn't). 

Oh, and I missed some snaps on the diapers we have, so I un-snapped them and totally got the diaper to fit our 35 lbish beagle! I regret to say no pictures, as he was walking like he had a wooden leg, but it was so cute! 

Here is our stroller!

Our little Aggie's first overalls! This is the back...

Here is the front. We may add his name later...

So, according to the doc, we're just waiting for contractions every 5 minutes. She's ready when he is! Now we just have to install the car seat...and I think that's all the requirements. Hanging the decorations in his room would be nice, but that is not really something that HAS to be done...just would like for it to be.

Well, I'll get the baby shower up soon, I swears!

And keep you updated on any exciting developments!