Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just a Little Update

Nothing too much to add. We've all been great! We set up our registry and started buying some furniture and stuff for the nursery! (well, Mom contributed to that the most, but we got some decorations for it!) I'll have to take pictures of it later with my new fancy pants, no pictures this time around.

My little guy is moving around a lot whenever I'm awake (no idea what he does when I'm asleep since I'm sorta not conscious). It feels so weird, though, because it is a lot of pressure moving around instead of kicks, really, and I'm told that's because of where some of my anatomy decided to place itself. Whatever, it's still cool. I haven't really seen my belly move around...but both Brandon and I have felt kicks from the outside. They're little ones...but they're still there. They should get more crazy later, but for now, it's weird pressure and little kicks! :)

I'm 22 weeks. That sounds like around 5 months to me...cause I have July, August, September, and October left...which puts me at 9 months! Google search tells me 3rd trimester starts about 27 I have a few left to go until I'm in my last leg.

And I'm so showing. Maybe not so easily in my work scrubs...but it's there. I can't suck that in at all. It feels pretty weird, I must say. However, I am thrilled still that some of my co-workers insist I'm not showing sometimes. That sounds dumb, I know, but I'm sorta hoping to not get ginormous. I don't mind being pregnant...but if I hide it well, that is a super huge bonus! Fine, call me superficial, but that's how I feel!

Well, I said it was just a little update. I think if you wanna know about fruits I'm like a papaya or something...but reading the books about what the baby is doing is funny because what they books say he should be doing NOW, he was already doing at my 18 week ultrasound. So I think to think my little man is advanced. :)

Alright, until I have fun pictures, I'm out!

Monday, June 6, 2011

He's already feeling special!

We had our house celebration get together the day after we found out our little guy is a boy. We didn't expect any gifts from anyone, but some people brought gifts anyways! 

Here are some pictures of super cute gifts we've gotten this weekend!

This was given to me by my good friend Anne. So cute!

Actually...this was my very first baby buy! But, how can you get any better than cars and dogs?! The two best things ever combined! Well, I guess add some sports crap, and then it'll be best ever.

This was actually given to me a couple weeks ago. My aunt gave it to me. It was given to her and my uncle by my uncle's mother, who made it, by the way, and she passed it down to me! Original and beautiful1

The same aunt also gave me this. Now, I haven't actually cut one of my ultrasound pictures to put in it (that is the demo picture), but I will soon! It is more than adorable!

That's all folks. Trying to keep it short and sweet...especially since I put up 2 posts in one day!

It's a Boy!!!

Many of you have already heard, but, yes, our little minion is a Boy!  I'm not sure I had a gut feeling that I KNEW he was a boy, but I thought all the signs pointed to boy. Lack of symptoms, extreme hunger, and a few other things made me think so.

Also, I will say I officially feel him moving around. I may have felt him before, but I wasn't sure. Reports from other moms about what it feels like to feel your baby moving are things like gas bubbles, stomach growling, popcorn popping, things like that. I have an active stomach. It is talkative and I almost always feel, if I felt our little guy, I couldn't tell the difference.

What made the big difference was one day I think that sucker stretched out and all of a sudden I had this intense feeling that I needed to use the restroom...but I had gone ONLY an hour ago! I thought, "No way, that is insane. There is no way I have to go again." And then it went away...  I started paying closer attention since then and now I'm sure I know when he's moving around or not.

Anyhow, I'll rant, then link pictures and the ultrasound video (yes, I may be crazy, but I'm ok with this, you don't have to click it). My rant is up to the moment we found out we're having a boy, many people would ask me what I wanted. And I've seen the same questions asked of other pregnant ladies, too. And I cannot stand it when the answer is, "I just want a healthy baby." I understand the sentiment, and, although I know the woman is not implying that I want an unhealthy baby, but, come on. That crap is implied! Of course we all want healthy babies! I cannot imagine anyone under the sun whose life-long dream was to have a sickly baby that requires hours of care and patience and money. That's just dumb. So, me, being a crabby pregnant lady, is annoyed by that answer EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear it. The person posing the question wants to know, say, if you have a child already, do you want another of the same sex or are you hoping for a variety? Or, if it's your first, are you hoping for a certain gender, or does it really not matter. (now, ultimately, us pregnant ladies will always love whatever child God has decided to give us, but some of us may have wanted to lean one way or another at some point in me, I wanted a boy. I think there is nothing wrong with that as long as I love the ever living crap out of my child.)

Anyways, I wonder if I'll get the question if a boy was what I wanted...and I wonder if there will be other women who answer something like, "As long as he/she was healthy, I was happy." Ugh. Anyways, happy pictures and those with captions!

And...the link to the ultrasound video. The measurements of the head and femur bone put our little dude at about 19 to 20 weeks when I was about 18.5 weeks at the time. So, although growth can vary a lot at this point in the pregnancy, he's measuring a little ahead right now. We'll see...maybe he'll show in October after all!