Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Asher is 15 Months!

First, when do we stop saying how many months old the kid is? Like, I feel if I say he's one...then it will be assumed he is 12 months old. On the flip side, if I say he's 15 months old...I feel like I'm saying I'm 31 and a half, you get what I mean? Whatever. He's actually almost 16 months old, but, for all intents and purposes, lets say he's 15 months old.

This kid has a solid 12 teeth with 2 to 3 more lightly puncturing his gums. I'm expecting him to be at 16 super soon. I don't even know whats next...four more in the second round of molars and he's good until adult teeth? No idea. But maybe it'll all be over with soon and we can definitely rule out teeth being a factor in his crappy sleep ability.

Let's mention that. I've been hearing (though no one really told me this when planning and baking Asher) that you either get a baby who sleeps well or one who doesn't. Asher slept like a champ for say...three months or so. I was amazed! At around 2 weeks old he would sleep 5 hours in a row! (which is freaking amazing because at that age no one sleeps for that long in a row) Well, whatever corner we turned, we turned it and never looked back because he hasn't slept well since. He wakes easily and, if he's by himself, has a total melt down. If someone is with him, just a little shush-ing, usually, gets him right back to sleep. So, thank God we have a king sized bed. It's the only way I get a nice night's worth of mostly restful sleep. No way could I work 12 hours in an ICU and not screw up if he wasn't sleeping with us. This is survival, people!

The kid loves his veggies right now. Would you believe it?!?!? He doesn't even want to eat his fruit, usually. And he'll eat almost everything you hand to him. Give him something you're eating, he'll put it straight in his mouth. He's also doing a pretty decent job using a fork! I'm very proud of him for that, and he feels like a big boy with it.

His speech is "a little" delayed. He jibber-jabbers like crazy, but doesn't speak English. Just speaks Asher. Since he understands lots of things, no one is really worried about it right now. Like if you tell Asher, "Up?" then he'll raise his arms up so you can pick him up. You can tell him to turn a light on or off and help him reach it and he will, and definitely understands "No," but just doesn't really say words. Because of that, we're working even harder on giving everything a name, reading a crap ton to him (he likes books...but he prefers short books), and things like that. In everything he's been asked to do, he usually comes through and makes us super proud to be his parents...but sometimes he makes us sweat it this. Thanks, Ash.

Did I mention he's huge? 33.5 inches tall and 28lbs 14oz at the last check up. The doc said that was 97ish percentile or more...or something. Either way, he's stayed a big guy at every check up. Now I sorta worry if he doesn't rock those big numbers! I don't want to think I didn't feed him enough or something! But, alas, he keeps eating and pooping and growing bigger and bigger. I feel a bit cheated out of having a baby and now have a little kid, but, such is life. And he completely makes up for it by wanting to cuddle in my lap during story time. 

With that being said, I'll just give you some cutie-patootie pictures and move on. Enjoy!

What Santa got him.

At Gammy and Pawpaw's for Christmas.

Looking at the trains at the Trains at Northpark.

Looking outside.

Sleeping on my lap.

Enjoying his quad he got from Nana at Christmas.


"Don't mind me. I'm just taking a nap in the grocery cart because I skipped my nap earlier."

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