Wednesday, October 3, 2012

State Fair of Texas!

Of course I'll start off by saying how sorry I am that I've gotten so lax about posting. But you deal with a baby who hardly naps and, when he does, requires it to be ON you. You find a way to blog then (as well as all the other stuff you're supposed to do) and then teach me, please.

Moving on. Asher is now a few days away from 11 months old. He is an expert crawler, pulls himself up on things, "cruises" on the furniture, eats everything he finds on the floor just like a goat, eats mostly green beans and black beans if he's in his high chair and supposed to be eating, babbles incessantly (it is cute, really), says Dada (we think on purpose), Mama (again, we think on purpose), Uh-oh!, and working on bye-bye. He can clap and we're working on our wave. He's a curious little guy, getting into EVERYTHING. LOVES water...and especially playing in the dog bowls (yes, he has more than once dumped the water on himself) if we forget to pick them up before letting him lose. He shows a touch of shyness but so far no real separation anxiety or stranger danger. He uses his straw sippy cups now instead of bottles, oh, and only feeds himself. You are NOT allowed to feed him. 

But we went to the State Fair of Texas yesterday. I love going and I hope he does, too. He seemed to enjoy some of my favorite parts:

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