Monday, March 19, 2012

He's 4 Months!

What the heck! This growing up thing happens too fast. I know 4 months versus 18 years or something isn't much...but he has so many discoveries every week! 

Well, he basically is the size of a 6 month old at 4 months. No one is surprised as both his Daddy and I are tall people, so everyone expects him to be a big guy. He is meeting his milestones just about right on. He's been a tad slow on the rolling over milestone, but what I hear is that big babies are slower on that one. His pediatrician says he isn't worried but I have to actually do tummy time (I'd been slacking off! Bad me, but Asher hates it!).

Anyways, his favorite things: a Pooh bear toy his Nana gave him, his swing his Grammy gave him, Pawpaw (in general he thinks Pawpaw is super), his piano play mat, his snail, his hands, his exersaucer, NickJr on tv, baseballs, dance, and his stroller. He has some other things he likes, but those things seem to just really make him happy or sleepy lol.  

Dancing baby!

Chillin' in the exersaucer

Piano play mat he kicks the eve-livin' crap out of

Stroller that puts him to sleep...SCORE!

Baseball Daddy was tossing

Sigh...watching tv

Trying to pull his snail closer

What my little buddy can do now: he's working on sitting up (he hates not being able to see everything), make lots of different sounds, giggle, squeal, reach and grab for things purposefully, manipulate toys, he's found his feet and tries to put those in his mouth, and recognizes boobs and milk bottles (see picture below of him trying to get the milk bottle from his Pawpaw).

Oh! And we're signed up for water babies swimming "lessons." This will be so fun! Brandon wants to take him on his days off! I'll have to take pictures of that, of course!

Ok, off to play with him. He's just OVER the jumperoo right now (though he enjoyed his time there until all of a sudden, of course). See you later for more Asher news!

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