Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Asher Updates

Sorry that posting blog updates have been so few and far between, but I have been trying to manage this little dude we call Asher. Things are getting better...which is good since I start school and work again this week! (omg omg omg I'm totally freaking out!)

Difficulties: Asher ended up with some reflux! Around 4 weeks or so he just became inconsolable all the time. I emailed the pediatrician and they had us come in and got Asher started on Prevacid. Oh my gosh, that made a huge difference. All of a sudden we were getting baby coos, smiles, and naps! (and less crying!) I feel bad he felt bad, but I'm so happy I talked to his doc about it and we got it taken care of, and fast!

Thanksgiving was half good, half bad. That was right around when his reflux was starting to be bad, but I assumed it was something I ate at Thanksgiving that was not sitting well with him. At the first dinner we went to, he slept like an angel. However, he has quickly decided he hates his car seat. He does NOT like being in it any longer than he has to. The next 2 dinners were iffy, since he was getting fussy and upset. 

Things that started making our life wonderful...bottles. Pumping and letting other people feed them (omg they really want that chance! Who'd have known!?) has been wonderful. I love feeding my baby, but it is nice to have a break from holding him sometimes, and that is a wonderful chance to let others take. My Mawmaw loves it!

Christmas was wonderful. At my Granddaddy's, he was the perfect baby! He like never cried and sat in mine or my mom's arms the whole time just either sleeping  or looking around. We were so shocked with that performance of his! And, since the only other time my Granddaddy saw him, Asher was crying his little head off, it was really nice that he got to see the sweet baby we usually see at home.

The other Christmas dinners were great, too. I saw our future, though. We will most likely need to bring 2 cars for future Christmases because all the crap Asher will get. It isn't even that he gets a lot of things...but some of the things he got, and will be getting in the form of toys in the future, take up so much room! That was interesting loading up the trucks, especially since we'd taken the dogs to spend the day at the parent's house on Christmas day!

At his 2 month appointment, he is a monster! He was 26 inches (which actually put him above the 97th percentile...the tech said he was off the charts! He's super long for his age!), 14 pounds, 8.5 ounces (95th percentile) and his head size was in the 90th percentile! So, I take that as a big boy who is pretty proportionate. He's a cute baby boy doll!

Ok, tidbits about being a parent so far:

  • Smart phones are life savers. How in God's name did anyone function without them ever??? The WhiteNoise Lite application, the YouTube high contrast baby videos, and access to the real world wherever you are are wonderful things.
  • I should have introduced a pacifier and bottle WAY earlier. I still don't think he's a fan of either, but he seems to tolerate both of them for short amounts of time right now. I'm proud of being able to exclusively breast feed him so far (as not everyone is able to do it), so don't get me wrong. But being able to soothe him when he's just fussy and doesn't need anything would be great, as well as taking a break and letting Daddy feed him or something would be wonderful, too. My first day back at work will be a real interesting day for Brandon, I tell ya.
  • A good swing/bouncer is awesome. The first swing we got he sorta liked...but not for long. My mom found another swing she swore he'd like, and he loves! It doesn't work magic...if he's pissed, he's pissed. But he does love sitting in it and swinging, listening to the classical music, and looking at his toys.
  • The Fischer Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper is seriously a God send. He loves sleeping in it, I think he feels cuddled in it, he has always slept well in it, keeps him inclined (good for reflux), is rated up to 25 pounds, is portable, and just perfect! Yellow may be gender neutral, but I soooo ignore that for the wonderful sleep Asher gets at night. Saves my sanity, I tell ya! (Thank you, mom, for insisting I need this, and thank you, Candy, for getting it for Asher!)
  • I do love my cloth diapers. They're SO EASY. They may be a tad on the expensive side of cloth diapers, and possibly need an extra 20 minutes drying in the dryer, but they've contained everything (fine, there was one pee mishap, but that could have been my fault!) and are so easy to use, just like disposables. I got the BumGenius Elemental All-In-Ones (with the snaps, not the velcro stuff). Less trash...less money in the long run. Just think, you never have to buy diapers! (Although, I have to give serious props to the Pampers Swaddlers with the indicator line. They have been AMAZING diapers for him when we use disposables...and dummy proof to boot). 
Picture time!

Picture with Santa!

Found his thumb (with the help of Daddy)

Sleeping with his Christmas teddy bear

Our little tree, me and a sleepy Asher

Happy in Grammy's lap

Just finished a nice lunch

Omg, maybe he looks a little like me now!

From happy...

to serious/sad in seconds!


Getting our shots

Playing with Grammy

I like to sleep and think

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